Literature & Fiction
Literature & Fiction is a very broad genre that encompasses a few other literary works such as scientific, creative writing, and technical works. Creative writing includes poetry, drama, and fantasy. On the other hand, non-fiction literature includes essays, memoirs, and biographies. Non-fiction is factual while fiction is predominantly imaginative. Critics often separate fiction works from literature because not all fiction works deserve to be classified as literature.
Genre Fiction / Literature & Fiction
The Wish
Author: Nicholas Sparks..
Listening time: 11:42:00
Read by: Mela Lee, Will..
Horror, mystery / Literature & Fiction
The Lighthouse Witches
Author: C. J. Cooke..
Listening time: 10:13:00
Read by: Eva Feiler, Lesley..

Horror, mystery / Literature & Fiction
Thirteen Storeys
Author: Jonathan Sims..
Listening time: 13:14:00
Read by: Jonathan Sims,..
Horror, mystery / Literature & Fiction
The Wife Upstairs
Author: Rachel Hawkins..
Listening time: 09:10:00
Read by: Emily Shaffer,..
Literature & Fiction / Teen & Young Adult
The Girls I've Been
Author: Tess Sharpe..
Listening time: 09:48:00
Read by: Tess Sharpe..
Literature & Fiction / Women's Fiction
The Ex Talk
Author: Rachel Lynn Solomon..
Listening time: 10:52:00
Read by: Emily Ellet..
Literature & Fiction
Summer Sons
Author: Lee Mandelo..
Listening time: 12:38:00
Read by: Will Damron..
Literature & Fiction / Women's Fiction
The Sanatorium
Author: Sarah Pearse..
Listening time: 11:58:00
Read by: Elizabeth Knowelden..
Genre Fiction / Literature & Fiction
The Upstairs House
Author: Julia Fine..
Listening time: 07:58:00
Read by: Courtney Patterson..
Horror, mystery / Literature & Fiction
Author: Stephen King..
Listening time: 06:32:00
Read by: Seth Numrich..