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Every Last Fear

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Thriller & Suspense

«Every Last Fear» Audiobook. Annotation:

The creation of another debut novelist, Alex Finlay, Every Last Fear follows the Pine family. College student Matt Pine returns to his dorm room only to be greeted by the saddest news ever, his entire family; namely his mom, dad, sister, and little brother, has been found dead while on a vacation in Mexico. The reason? An apparent gas leak. 
Although the local police claim it is an accident, however, the FBI and the State Department don’t seem to agree with them and they are keeping their reasons to themselves. However, that’s not the only tragedy that befell the family. Seven years prior, Matt’s brother, Danny, was accused of killing his high school girlfriend, Rose. He was convicted based on the confession he made when local cops bullied him. The family moved from Nebraska to Chicago to start over and since then, his father has been working for the accounting firm Marconi LLP. 
FBI Agent Sarah Keller is assigned to the case, not because of the murder but because she’s had her eye on the Marconi group for some time now. Matt, for his part, must unearth the truth even if doing so means putting his own life in peril.
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