Horror, mystery
A genre of fiction that is intended to terrify, disturb, and appall the reader, horror and mystery is the easily the most popular section on any site. It does not only refer to otherworldly disfigured and frightening creatures, such as witches, ghouls, demons, zombies, and dark magic. With its signature dreary atmosphere and gloom, horror and mystery aim to elicit an array of emotions.
Horror and mystery are also encompassed in fictional crime. We find a grisly murder taking place with a myriad of questions as to who the perpetrator is and what are his motivations for committing the crime. Often there is a detective tasked with solving the mystery and uncovering the real villain but not before he runs into several characters that seem to be the ideal suspect. It is up to him to sieve through the information to uncover the truth.

Horror, mystery / Literature & Fiction
The Lighthouse Witches
Author: C. J. Cooke..
Listening time: 10:13:00
Read by: Eva Feiler, Lesley..
Horror, mystery / Literature & Fiction
Thirteen Storeys
Author: Jonathan Sims..
Listening time: 13:14:00
Read by: Jonathan Sims,..

Horror, mystery / Literature & Fiction
The Wife Upstairs
Author: Rachel Hawkins..
Listening time: 09:10:00
Read by: Emily Shaffer,..
Horror, mystery / Thriller & Suspense
Author: Brian Freeman..
Listening time: 09:47:00
Read by: Andrew Eiden..
Horror, mystery / Literature & Fiction
Author: Stephen King..
Listening time: 06:32:00
Read by: Seth Numrich..
Horror, mystery / Thriller & Suspense
Every Last Fear
Author: Alex Finlay..
Listening time: 10:57:00
Read by: Cady McClain, Jon..
Horror, mystery / Literature & Fiction
The Last House on Needless Street
Author: Catriona Ward..
Listening time: 12:00:00
Read by: Christopher Ragland..
Horror, mystery / Literature & Fiction
The Drowning Kind
Author: Jennifer McMahon..
Listening time: 11:48:00
Read by: Joy Osmanski, Imani..
Horror, mystery / Thriller & Suspense
The Last Thing to Burn
Author: Will Dean..
Listening time: 08:29:00
Read by: Sarah Lam..
Horror, mystery / Thriller & Suspense
When the Stars Go Dark
Author: Paula McLain..
Listening time: 11:29:00
Read by: Marin Ireland..