Also referred to as Realistic, Contemporary literature is a broad genre that includes stories that could take place in real life with real people. It deals with social issues, personal problems, and helps the reader or listener better understand themselves, as well as other people. Dialects and informal speech are often used by authors in events that take place in the present.
Romance / Contemporary
The Ex Hex
Author: Erin Sterling..
Listening time: 07:23:00
Read by: Caitlin Davies..
Romance / Contemporary
Author: Angie Hockman..
Listening time: 08:42:00
Read by: Inés del Castillo,..

Romance / Contemporary
Make It Sweet
Author: Kristen Callihan..
Listening time: 11:00:00
Read by: Ava Erickson, Jacob..
Romance / Contemporary
Float Plan
Author: Trish Doller..
Listening time: 07:18:00
Read by: Sarah Naughton..
Romance / Contemporary
Not Pretending Anymore
Author: Penelope Ward, Vi..
Listening time: 08:42:00
Read by: Erin Mallon,..
Romance / Contemporary
It Happened One Summer
Author: Tessa Bailey..
Listening time: 10:48:00
Read by: Charlotte North..
Romance / Contemporary
The Love Hypothesis
Author: Ali Hazelwood..
Listening time: 11:08:00
Read by: Callie Dalton..